Saturday, 20 June 2009

57xx coupling rods

Some Bill Bedford coupling rods for a 57xx arrived in the post this morning. Now I've got no excuse to complete the conversion. That's if I can work out how to put these coupling rods together!!!

I've found some assembly instructions for a NER E1 here on Bill Bedford's web site . This kit looks to have similar coupling rods to the 57xx so may be able to use these instructions as a guide.

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Flymo said...

I do believe that you'll be fine with the guidance from the N1. What you've found is one of the more quirky aspects of Bill Bedford kits - no instructions are guaranteed.

You'll have noticed that even for the E1, they are headed up "Assembly Suggestions" - implying that you may well have a better way of doing things!

Either way, by following prototypical practice and pivoting them on the knickle and not on the crankpin, you should get an excellent result.