Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sunny weekend or a point kit. No contest.

Still not much practical progress on this project. Firstly, when starting my first B7 point kit from the P4 track company the crossing V seemed out of specification. Secondly the Pannier and Class 29 (22) wheel conversion sets have still not turned up. Thirdly my wargaming interests (MI Territorials and planning a game for last week) have recently had to take priority.

The point kit was a disappointment. One side of the V seems very tight and had this confirmed by a another Scalefour member. But after speaking to the P4 Track Company they assured me that the crossing V should be OK. So I put this last weekend aside to start the kit and hopefully complete it.

But how could I spend this last weekend indoors with the weather forecast and a suggestion that we might go camping. Out came the tent and we swanned off to the Lake District to spend a fantastic weekend bagging five Wainwright's (Cat Bells, Arthur's Pike, Loadpot Hill, Wither Hill and Steel Knotts).

Ullswater from Loup Knott on the way up to Arthur's Pike

On my return home Monday evening I set out the point kit, reread the instructions and put a little thought into how to match the plastic sleepers with wooden ones. Got stuck into the kit Tuesday evening. The V is in place complete with all chairs, sleepers painted but not sure I have achieved a good enough result. Then realised I should have soldered some wire droppers off the V before applying the chairs. Oh well....it is said that success is buried in the garden of failure. I am learning as I go along. I'm now away from home until Friday evening and working this weekend but hope to find time to complete the point kit.

On the plus side I have just received a reply from my email to Ultrascale enquiring about my order and the wheel sets should be with me in the next couple of weeks. I've also ordered a few MJT components from Dart Castings for a some wagon kits I have to build and I hope to see these soon.

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