Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lincoln MRC Exhibition

Ventured to the Lincolnshire Life Museum today. My partner had read an article in the local rag about Lincoln Model Railway Club putting on a small exhibition there. Thought it might be worth a quick visit as I was already in Lincoln.

Layouts on show were two OO, three N, and a Hornby Dublo, all from members of the club. Enjoyed the N gauge layout entitled "Peakdale". Simple track plan but nicely displayed with well constructed scenery. Spoke to two very amiable members re DCC operation and gleaned some useful information. I like the idea of sound which will add an extra dimension. Not sure I will be able to afford a DCC system at the outset but it looks like Grogley might have to be built with DCC capabilities.

There was also a demonstration the Trainz Railroad Simulation software package. Very impressive. They recommend the 2004 version as being the most stable. If time permitted it would be excellent idea to build a simulation of Grogley.

Temptation was there for a few purchases at the Caister Loco shop stall, but managed to prise myself away with only two packs of Smiths 3 link couplings. I should be saving my money to purchase timber and track components.

Unfortunately I've had no time for developing the trackplan for Grogley this weekend. The junction end of the track plan is proving to be a challenge and I was looking forward to wrapping my head around it again. I'm a little disappointed that no further progress has been made.

Onwards and upwards......

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