Thursday, 20 November 2008

Coaching Stock (ACE)

During the 1960's it would seem that Bullied coaching stock was used on the main expresses on the North Cornwall Main Line. BR Mk1 stock was rarely seen on the line. In the summer months it is possible that a Bullied five coach set was used (No's 840 - 860) particularly on a Saturday. The Saturday working may also have included a catering vehicle which would have worked down the line on the Friday.

The above said, odd coaches would be added at Okahampton or Exeter creating some strange formations. Also in the early 1960's the fixed sets seemed to be in a state of flux with odd coaches appearing at random around the system. One know working of the ACE in July 1960 was made up of a Bullied brake second, a second from a Bounemouth six-car set, a Maunsell second open, a standard Bullied composite and Bullied brake second.

In the winter months the working would have been reduced to a 2 coach set of a brake composite and a second.

The above taken from an article by A. Henderson in BackTrack magazine Vol 11 Number 7 July 1997

Another possible coaching set for the ACE running though Grogley. This would be the final section of the ACE destined for Mawgan Porth.

I believe sets 63 - 75 spent most of their lives in the West of England.

Bullied Set 66
2 coach set consisting of
No. 4374 - Semi open brake third - (Comet Ref S8)
No. 6706 - Corridor Brake Composite - (Comet Ref S9)

Could add a loose Bullied BCK to the above set to make a three coach set (Comet Ref S7)

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