Thursday, 6 November 2008


Traffic to be seen running thought the model of Grogley Junction.

All workings from Wadebridge to Bodmin North, Bodmin General and Wenford Bridge will be as factual timetable apart from clay workings.

Clay trains from Wenford need to be reversed at junction to continue to St. Blazey. The junction would be used similar to Boscarne Junction. Exchange sidings required. Proposed working uses an engine change at junction from Beattie Well Tank or 13xx running on the Wenford branch to a 42xx or 63xx, or 2 x 57xx or 57xx banked by a 45xx for the steep climb up the valley to Tremorebridge and beyond to the junction with the Newquay branch.

Add to this fictional local workings from Wadbridge to Mawgan Porth and though workings from Exeter (via Wadebridge) to Mawgan Porth, and though local workings from Par to Wadebridge.

Though coaches of the Atlantic Coast Express to Mawgan Porth pulled by West Countries tender first in both directions due to reversal at Wadebridge. The other option, and possibly the most likely, would be that Padstow kept the larger turntable and the West Country's carried on to Padstow in charge of the ACE. A lesser engine backing onto the last two/three coaches of the ACE for Mawgan Porth. Possible engines, T9's, N class or other to be decided. Will have to decided on the importance of Mawgan Porth. The 70ft turntable was installed at Padstow in 1947 a 50ft turntable was at Wadebridge.

Questions for potential traffic
Q1) When and why did the De Lank Quarry close at Wenford Bridge? Could it have survived into the early 1960's?
Q2) When did the Iron Mine at Withiel close? Could it have survived into the early 1960's if the rail link had been built? (All mines in the Ruthern area were shut by 1878 the last one being an iron mine not sure if it was the one at Withiel. Making it last another 90 years might be stretching history a little too far).

An Oil terminal at Mawgan Porth would add the excuse to run a special. Perhaps a large terminal on the old Air Field.

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