Saturday, 22 November 2008

First P4 wagon M475613 3plk open

One that I prepared earlier...ex EM gauge.

Had a quick browse thought my existing EM gauge wagon collection for any that might still run straight and true. Found a few but most with the brake assemblies too tight to EM gauge making them little difficult to convert quickly.

Then I found this one....not completely finished, needs tare weight applying and weathering, but with brake assembly only on one side the P4 wheels just plopped straight in. No rubbing on brake shoes......excellent. I think it is an old Parkside wagon but cannot find it in their current catalog. Looks like I had replaced the plastic buffers with some white metal ones possible from Kenline. She sits well, nice and square so I'm hopeful that this one will run true without a compensated chassis.

Its a start.......just need some track to run it on!!!

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