Thursday, 13 November 2008

Bullied Coaches seen in area

S5872S - (Seven compartment Composite)
Seen on:
On 1:15pm Wadebridge to Padstow June 1960 - (pg.77 The Bodmin & Wenford Railway - John Stretton) - I think this would have been a loose coach as it was part of set 267 which was disbanded in 1959 - (An Illustrated History of Southern Coaches)

S106S - (Eight compartment Third)
On a three coach train at Bodmin North behind O2 30236 on Whit Monday in May 1959 the other two coaches are a standard Manusell BCK/BSK set normally seen on branch - (pg.28 The Bodmin & Wenford Railway - John Stretton) - Very strange working it must have been between sets as in late 1959 this coach was added to set 826 along with SK 107 and allocated to the Waterloo - West of England workings. BSK 4291 + SK 106 + CK 5819 + SK 107 + BSK 4292. (pdf on BR(S) Bulleid and Mk1 coach allocations by David Gentle on the Comet Models Web Site)

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