Thursday, 20 November 2008

Freight stock list (Wenford Branch + Bodmin North)

I have been looking though photos of the branch to come up with a possible list for freight stock for the Wenford Bridge and Bodmin North freight turns. This will give me something to work towards while I'm finalising the track plan and purchasing track and timber for baseboards. The list is a little loose so should not be taken too seriously but will give enough wagons to run 4 typical goods trains to and from Wenford Bridge. (That is 1 down and 1 up freight plus 1 down and 1 up clay).

General Goods to/from Wenford Bridge
8 12t Box vans
2 conflats with containers
3 3 plk opens - with tarpaulin covers
1 lowfit - with load (a vehicle of some kind, car, tractor etc)
1 lowfit - empty
3 16t Minerals - with coal load
2 16t Minerals - empty
1 RCH 7plk open - empty
1 5plk open - empty or with load

China Clay to/from Wenford Clay sidings
11 China Clay wagons - empty
11 China Clay wagons - with tarpaulin covers (not hoods)
5 12t box vans
1 6plk open - empty (one was frequently used as a buffer between loco and first box van - it seemed to be in a poor state)

For both trains above.
1 20t BR Brake Van dia 1/503 - LMS design (I have not been able to find a clear photo of the number for this Brake Van but it looks like one was used frequently on the Wenford Bridge goods).

For the China Clay to/from St Blazey - Grogley Junction
1 Toad

Goods to/from Bodmin North
1 16t mineral - empty
1 16t mineral - with coal load
2 Shell/BP Tank wagons
3 12t Box vans (1 SR 2 BR)
1 5plk open - empty
1 5plk open - with tarpaulin cover or load
1 plate
1 BR 20t Brake Van dia 1/506 (LNER design - Airfix kit type)

Some wagons were fitted but I would imagine that the trains were unfitted. It is difficult to see from the photos.

The above gives me something to work with, allowing me to check thought any existing EM gauge wagons for likely conversions.

There are still the Bodmin General to Grogley exchange goods, the St. Blazey to Grogley Junction exchange and possibly 4 pickup/though fitted freights to consider. Along with any specials that I might be able to justify.

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