Thursday, 6 November 2008

Layout design

Some of my original thoughts on layout design for Grogley Junction.

First thought was just to move Boscarne Junction track plan to Grogley Junction. No station but giving me extra operational interest with though traffic to St. Blazey and Mawgan Porth. Easier to construct with far less buildings.

At the Wadebridge end the road over bridge at Polbrock to be brought forward and used as a scenic break. The Bodmin end scenic break could be trees and undergrowth.

But as always I start beating myself up with ideas and possible plans.

What if I included passenger facilities?
1) A halt could be built with access from the road over bridge. This would be similar to Dunmere Halt.

2) Or a platform could be built in the triangle of the junction (Ruthern Bridge / Bodmin end). Pedestrian access would have to be either a separate footbridge over the river Camel or to use part of the rail bridge. Small car park on the Ruthern Bridge road. This would allow passenger simultaneous exchange between Mawgan Porth to Wadebridge and Wadebridge to Bodmin trains.

3) Or a standard two platform station could be built that would be used as a junction/passing place. The station could also have a small wharf/goods siding along with exchange sidings for the clay traffic.

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